Warehouse Lending with the MBSD Group
Warehouse Lines of Credit taking your business to another level with warehouse lending  
Warehouse Lines of Credit

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How warehouse lending can help your company?

A warehouse lending line can be easy to get if you have the MBS group on your side.
Growth is limited without the use of Warehouse Lending. Enables your company to grow at a faster pace with a warehouse line.

This eliminates the worry of promised wires from your table funding lenders, which rarely arrive on time. Your company gets to control the entire settlement and funding date of the loan closing.

Approval requirements required for Warehouse Lending:

Resumes of principal officer, underwriters, etc.

Correspondent application

Banking references to included names and addresses

List of secondary market investors

90-Day pipeline report for production

Brief company history with list of all loan officers

(2 Years) Corporate federal tax returns

Names of other Warehouse Lending

Quality warehouse lines control procedures and results of last audit

Background check authorizations on principals

Copy of state licenses (if applicable)

FNMA, GNMA, FHLMC, FHA or VA approvals

Copy of articles of incorporation and bylaws

(2 Years) Corporate audited & most recent interims & personal financial statements

Copy of E & O and fidelity bond insurance policy at $300,000 each

Looking for a warehouse lender? Then the MBS group is your answer.

The fees brokers can earn are limited. This method of funding increases profitability by utilizing available Warehouse Lending to fund your current production into the secondary market. Correspondent and wholesale lenders typically pay more for closed loans as well as charging you less fees.

Establishing a reputation for your company with consumers, builders, brokers and real estate agents to close and fund loans in your own name. The MBS Group with warehouse lending specializes in providing warehouse lines of credit to existing and emerging mortgage bankers nationwide. A warehouse line of credit is a revolving line of credit. Money is borrowed on the line and added to your bottom line with a warehouse line of credit. Learn more about the warehouse lines of credit provied by MBS. We have the cash flow and credibility needed to make the leap. This method of funding helps keep both your customers and agents content by paying for the entire transaction at the closing. We fund the warehouse lines of credit within 24 hours of request and in most cases, funds can be sent the same day of receipt of your information.

Your company gets to earn the interest of the note rate during the Warehouse Lending period, which makes up for most or all of the interest that you are paying for the facility.

Since you are closing the loan in your own name, your company is exempted from RESPA to disclose the SRP's, unlike a warehouse line of credit table funded transactions. No more need for the Disclosure of Service Release Premiums on the HUD-1 Settlement statement as required by RESPA.

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