Secondary Marketing Services

A common frustration of many CEOs is not knowing if their loan trades are being executed at the highest possible levels, while many Secondary Marketing managers are often frustrated by CEOs questioning their trades even when they know they have executed at the best possible levels. MBS can help by working constructively with all levels of management to ensure that trades are being made in such a way as to gain maximum execution without sacrificing the company's long-term well-being. MBS can assist in gaining maximum execution by improving a company's gain on sale through introducing new investors, working with existing investors to negotiate better forward commitments, or expanding/growing the company's Secondary Marketing operation to new levels.

The Secondary Marketing Services provided by MBS can range depending on a client’s size, needs and business model.  Larger clients can rely on MBS consulting expertise in helping them resolve the issues that are facing their existing secondary marketing operations, and take advantage of the relationships MBS team members have built over the years to ensure they are selling their loans to the best possible investors.  We can assist smaller clients with outsourcing all of their Secondary Marketing needs to full service Secondary Marketing operations to ensure a maximum return on a reduced investment.  Either way, MBS can help you establish relationships with the correct investors for your business model that might not be otherwise available.  MBS Secondary Marketing services include:

  • Custom Rate Sheet Generation and Pricing Models – MBS can help you create and customize rate sheets based on the loan products you offer.

  • Transition to Bulk Loan Sales – MBS can help you make the transition from whole loan trading to bulk loan sales, mandatory delivery and forward commitments.

  • Secondary Marketing Policies and Procedures – MBS can create custom procedures tailored to your way of doing business.

  • Fully Functional Lock Desk – Outsource your entire secondary marketing operation to our highly trained staff.

  • Complete Array of Pipeline Reporting – MBS can help you develop the necessary reports to properly track and manage your business.  Those clients using our fully functional lock desk will receive these reports on a regular basis.

  • Staffing and Training Assistance – MBS can help you hire and train the necessary staff if you want to handle your secondary marketing efforts internally.

  • Risk Model Validation – MBS can provide you with the OCC recommended independent review of the logical and conceptual soundness of your model, comparison against other models, and comparison of model predictions against subsequent real-world events.

  • Systems Automation and Technology – MBS can help you automate your secondary marketing functions and recommend the necessary technology pieces to help in that effort.
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