Broker to Banker Transition

If you are a mortgage broker considering making the switch to being a mortgage banker or just starting your first mortgage company, we need to talk! You have nothing to lose as the first couple of calls are free and informative. A successful "broker-to-banker" transition or start-up involves getting connected with the right correspondent lenders and warehouse lines of credit that best fit your business model. This is critical! Not all warehouse lenders and correspondent lending investors are “created equal.” Most of them are good at what they do, but not all of them are good fit for your business. Even after determining which are right for you, you will still have to go through the tedious application process with each lender/investor you choose.  You get one shot at this process, and it needs to be done right. As the saying goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

MBS brings over 300 years of combined experience in mortgage banking operations to the table to assist our clients in making this transition. Each Senior Consultant has owned and operated his/her own mortgage company and in some cases a number of them. As consultants, we have helped hundreds of companies to make this move and have developed close relationships with a vast majority of lenders and investors along the way. MBS not only brings our extensive knowledge base to the table but our countless industry contacts as well to help our clients along the process.

Our services range from merely advising you through the process (our "Advisory Service" approach), to rolling up our sleeves and taking on some of the tasks involved with the process (our "Collaborative Service" approach) , and then there is our "Bank-in-a-Box" approach which involves us building you an entire mortgage banking operation and then teaching you and your staff how to run it.

The following are a brief overview of how we will guide you along your transition:

  • Analyzing how your company has been run, then listening to what your vision for the future is (and offering advice if you request it) and then helping you map out and implement a plan of action,
  • Securing mortgage licensing in the states you wish to do business, if necessary,
  • Securing the required insurance coverage (E&O, Fidelity, etc...),
  • Securing a Warehouse Lines and Correspondent Investor relationships,
  • Teaching you how to maximize profits and avoid the costly pitfalls that can happen when starting out in mortgage banking, and
  • Continue to be a resource for you after your transition and as your company grows.

The process of moving from mortgage broker to mortgage banker can become overpowering to those whose days are already jammed with just keeping up with the business at hand. Gathering the information is hard enough, but then following through with all of the warehouse lenders, investors, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and so on, is more than overwhelming.  Contact MBS today to see how we can help you stay focused on your current business while you make this important transition.

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