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Information on MBS group's Warehouse lines of credit

From inception, one of MBS's Lending goals has been to provide the best customer service in the industry with warehouse lines. Our business is much more than products and services, it is also about our relationships, abilities, and ongoing commitment to our clients. MBS is one of the premiere providers of warehouse lines of credit in the United States.

MBS Warehouse lines of credit specializes in providing warehouse lines of credit to existing and emerging mortgage bankers nationwide. Our company enables its clients to finance both Conforming and Non-Conforming mortgages with our primary focus on the small to medium mortgage banker, as well as assisting those making the transition from mortgage broker to mortgage banker.

What are Warehouse lines of credit? Warehouse lines are real estate secured short-term lines of credit that allow mortgage bankers to fund loans into the secondary market until the loans are purchased by the end institutional investors.

warehouse line of credit can increase in the next few years due to demographics. According to US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, current home ownership rates are 69% as of the fourth quarter of 2005. Increases in home ownership rates will result in increases in mortgage loan originations. The MBS Group with warehouse lending specializes in providing warehouse lines of credit to existing and emerging mortgage bankers nationwide. A warehouse line of credit is a revolving line of credit. Money is borrowed on the line and added to your bottom line with a warehouse line of credit. Learn more about the warehouse lines of credit provied by MBS. We have the cash flow and credibility needed to make the leap. In particular, the aging baby boom generation is entering its peak earnings period.

The “MBS Advantage on Warehouse lines of credit ”:

  • Experienced Warehouse Lenders
  • On-Site Training specializing in warehouse lines of credit
  • Online Reporting
    for warehouse lines of credit
  • Personal, Dedicated Team with “Can Do” Attitude
  • Same Day Funding
  • Committed Resources for Broker to Banker Transition

    Unless the warehouse line fail to comply with agreed upon criteria, the lender is not obligated to buy back loans program provides permanent funding for the life of all loans in this program.
    Whether on-or off-balance sheet, the program funds for an unlimited warehouse lines of credit loan volume-enabling specialty lenders to effectively grow their portfolios for maximum interest income and eliminating the need to manage multiple sources of capital. Once the asset is funded, there is no additional mark-to-market and posting of collateral.

    If you would like to learn more about how to obtain a warehouse line of credit with MBS, we invite you to read more about warehouse lending and our company on this site, and then click on contacting MBS group directly.

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