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We offer Mortgage Broker Licensing:
MBS is Protecting Consumers with Mortgage License Requirements

Professional Mortgage Brokers are individuals and companies who know the laws and regulations pertaining to real estate financing – individuals you can trust with your confidential information.

Mortgage Brokers are the experts who assist people in finding and negotiating the financing that fits a particular situation. A famous quote in the real estate industry states ‘Underneath All is The Land,’ and the constantly changing ownership of this land requires financing.

Professionals holding a mortgage licens
e are real estate financing experts who function like catalysts between the consumer and the companies actually loaning the mortgage money. Mortgage licensing for mortgage brokers has evolved in order to protect consumers while they obtain mortgages. The Mortgage Broker License indicates that the Mortgage Broker has what it takes to help consumers through the maze of the mortgage origination process.

The states differ on mortgage broker to mortgage banker or even needs a mortgage license, whether the Mortgage Broker can loan on both 1st and 2nd mortgages, or whether a physical office in the state is required. The uniqueness of the mortgage licensing laws of each state is expressed in the diversity of the laws, rules, regulations that each state adopts. States also differ on how much continuing education they require of the Mortgage Brokers. As business over the internet increases, the mortgage licensing laws are becoming more lenient on this physical office requirement. The various mortgage licensing laws also pertain to the employees of the Mortgage Brokers, and whether they, too, need a mortgage license.

This trade association provides professional certification to assist Mortgage Brokers with their mortgage broker licensing. To further the protection of the consumers, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) was formed in 1973. These courses train those who want to become a Mortgage Broker how to provide the most cost-effective methods of obtaining the financing that the consumer wants and can afford. Get mortgage licenses - Mortgage Broker License Requirements and learn what it takes to become a mortgage broker in all 50 states including mortgage license requirements and websites to visit for more information. Mortgage Broker License and what is required to get mortgage licenses. Mortgage License Mall mortgage license, mortgage lender banker, home equity loans, home improvement loans, purchase money mortgages, and mortgage refinance. The NAMB also provides continuing education courses, an annual requirement for maintaining a Mortgage Broker License in some states. All but four states are members of the NAMB. The NAMB also helps promote the most effective government regulations.

The consumer truly benefits because Mortgage Brokers are not employees of a particular bank or lender, but instead have a working relationship with dozens of these institutions. To obtain mortgage broker licensing, an individual can provide hundreds of different, creative options for a consumer to use in financing a property.

Although we believe all information is accurate as of today, each state is constantly striving to protect the public and provide more quality service to those using the services of a Mortgage Broker. Whether you are researching mortgage license requirements or you're interested in learning how to become a Mortgage Broker with mortgage broker licensing, we welcome you to explore the information on each state below. To further assist you, we have included links to each state’s mortgage licensing office, and also to the state’s local NAMB site that provides current information on proposed mortgage license regulations. Mortgage Banking Solutions can help you in all your needs including correspondent lenders. Change in real estate financing is inevitable.

You are warmly invited to browse through the information below to help you get a mortgage broker license:

Alabama Louisiana Ohio
Alaska Maine Oklahoma
Arizona Maryland Oregon
Arkansas Massachusetts Pennsylvania
California Michigan Rhode Island
Colorado Minnesota South Carolina
Connecticut Mississippi South Dakota
Delaware Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming
Kentucky North Dakota District Of Columbia

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