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The business plan and pro forma MBS wrote for our company was outstanding and significantly helped our company find new sources for funding… money well spent.
Mr. Lykken and his consulting team's hands-on experience as owner/operators became obvious after we engaged them.  MBS' analysis ‘hit the mark’ and gave us exactly the the right direction for our company.  I can highly recommend them to anyone trying to grow their busines.
Mr. Lykken was referred to me by a friend to advise me as I start my second new mortgage company. I questioned why I would need to retain a high priced consultant… Without question, it is some of the best money I've invested. Our business is being rapidly accelerated as a direct result of his contribution and contacts.
I was dubious about the decision by our CEO to retain Mr. Lykken as a consultant. All I can say now is that I am so grateful that he is on our team… what a difference he has made in such a short period of time.
When another senior executive suggested we retain a consultant to advise on a particular business matter, I was dead set against it. Nonetheless, the decision was made to retain Mr. Lykken. All I can say is that I now can't imagine not having him on our team. Who he knows, and as a result what he is able to negotiate for us, in incredible.
We found ourselves in an immediate need of a new warehouse line. Dave Lykken made a couple of phone calls and immediately put us in touch with companies willing to extend us a new warehouse line of credit with terms far better than I thought possible.
Over the last twelve years of reviewing new correspondent application packages looking to establish a relationship with our company, the application package and accompanying business overview written by Mr. Lykken for one of his clients was without question the best I have ever seen. He anticipated every question I could possibly have asked, and addressed each thoroughly and concisely. As a result, his client will quickly be approved and doing business with our company.
David Lykken knows more people in the mortgage industry than anyone I know – especially key decision makers. As a result of his excellent business relationships, Mr. Lykken was able to negotiate an arrangement we would have never otherwise been able to obtain.
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